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Piano Meditations

Gentle Music for Relaxation and Healing - makes a great gift for a loved one

Now that summer is here, it's time to pay attention to health and well being. Lois's collection of 15 of her original piano compositions titled Piano Meditations, harnesses the healing and relaxing power of music. In addition to being a potential catalyst for personal well being, this music collection also makes great social, fundraising, and business gifts or tokens of appreciation.

Lois originally recorded this music in response to a request for background music for gentle exercising. Since then, it has been used in yoga classes, by cancer patients, during massages, in the car during rush hour, for spiritual reflection, and as an antidote to grieving.

Here's a NY Times article about the healing power of music: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/08/well/music-therapy-treatment-stress.html

The Piano Meditations CD can be purchased at Island Books, 575 East Main Road, Middletown RI https://islandbooksri.indielite.org/; Ash Mart, 2 Carroll Avenue, Newport RI  https://www.ashmartdeli.com/; and Linden Place, 500 Hope Street, Bristol RI   https://www.lindenplace.org/. All Linden Place sales proceeds will go to support the organization. Please support these local businesses and organizations!

For online sales, check out Amazon.com, Spotify.com, and ITunes.com.

Audio samples are on YouTube. Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZSxc2NOF0s 

Contact Lois at 401.849.3470 or Music@LoisVJazz.com for bulk sales and/or custom-designed private label CD jackets. 

Lois's music is copyrighted and performance protected - please enjoy the music, but do not duplicate it under any circumstances.

Let the gentle music of relaxation speak for itself ~

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